If you are looking for interior design companies in Egypt, then you have just landed in the right place. We at Al-Shrouk interior take pride in delivering our work performed by the top interior consultants and designers in Middle East.

Our Services

Design Services

Architecture Design, MEP Design, Retail Shops Interior Design, Villas interior design, Apartments interior design, Exterior design, Houses projects, Office design, Bedroom design, Children’s room design, Kitchen design, Bathroom design, Dressing room design, Restaurants design & Public places design.


Contracting Services

Project Management
Site Visits
Site Mobilization
BOQ Creation
Inspection Works


Manufacturing of furniture and units

Design relations and materials review
Raw Materials availability and selection
Wooden Furniture and Units
Steel Furniture and Units
Finishing services


After receiving the client’s brief, we answer to the envisioned solution created with the space through sketch layouts, mood images and symbolism in conformity with their corporate identity or personal taste.

At this stage, we develop the evolution of the whole design from the brief, the concept and interrelationships of the whole space and in depth planning that will suit the expectation of the client.

Outstanding Support

Web Development


Upon the approval of the design, Al-Shrouk produces a detailed BOQ and pricing to match the budget and constraints of the client. The detailed breakdown of costs ensure transparency between Al-Shrouk and the client and allow a margin for adjustment.


Once the project costs have been completely developed, a commercial agreement or commercial contract is established. With this, the clients can entrust the project with Al-Shrouk Interiors together with all attached terms and conditions.

Construction Drawings

Upon agreement of the commercial contract, Al-Shrouk commences the full set of architectural and detailed drawings along with meticulous site surveys to ensure that the drawings and all specifications are accurate.


With the design and drawings in place, Al-Shrouk will proceed on coordination with all the facets of the required approvals. With our long-standing experience in this industry, our team of project managers and engineers can ensure quick approvals for the commencement of construction.

Project Management

Al-Shrouk Project Management Team assume full responsibility from the minute approvals are provided by the landlord/governing authorities for all on site demolition and construction works, bespoke and off the shelf furniture installation, MEP Co-ordination and full handover of completed site to the client.

Fit Out

Al-Shrouk meticulously oversees the implementation of the project and submits on-going and timely reviews and reports from all facets of the Al-Shrouk team to ensure that targets are achieved.



Upon completion of the construction work, final quality assurance inspections are made prior to commissioning and handover to the client. Then an overall turning over of the whole project is arranged with the client, including all facets of guarantees, warranties, maintenance, and contact person involved in the whole project.